“If you want to remotely have a fighting chance in this industry, you have to either step up with something new and exciting or step aside for the people doing it” – Josh Marzec

     Josh Marzec is a high-end fitness and beauty photographer in Ann Arbor, MI. His work is regularly utilized in online and independent print ads, and he has brought a level of photographic quality to Michigan that has never been seen before at a price point that is unheard of.  Josh Marzec was also one of the original graphic designers for Blackstone Labs and all companies under the original umbrella, as well as completed contract work for gyms and supplement companies all around the United States and the Philippines.

Josh is available for private shoots, commercial projects in any city or country.

     IU Media Group Takes pride in our approach to the photography industry.  The pride, work ethic and passion are what separates us from other photographers. Unfortunately is has become standard for photographers to provide clients with images that are nothing special in large quantities just to make themselves seem above other photographers just because their CD has more images on it. IU Media Group means more than that! From the beginning, we have strive to provide our clients with only images that showcase who we are as a brand. We want to create images that are amazing; images that when you view it, you KNOW that we’ve captured something special that means more than just the image. We want our clients to see their image with the same pride it took to produce each image. Our clients are part of a small group in this world that own something that is truly unique. 

The beauty of the photographic process is that effort must go into each and every image. All images are truly one of a kind with qualities that make them your own. The care it takes to create items so unique, from the position of the light to the hours spent editing a single image is all factors that change from image to image. Each photo is truly one of a kind. We put effort into every final image before it ever touches your hands. The photographic process is a genuinely personal experience, and we devote all our effort and time into making each image. We are proud of your image and you should as well.

All of us at IU Media Group would like to thank your for your support and unwaIvered loyalty and continued to believe in our brand as we continue to hustle and grind until we truly can “shine.”



IU Media Group started off as an apparel company The ORIGINAL “The Iron Union.” We chose to branch off from our core vision and create something where the client is the product. IU (Iron Union) Media Group is your one stop shop for all things media related. From photography to event coverage to all things digital.


Our time and availability are quite limited. What started as weekend photo shoots have transitioned into now having a client waiting list. The beauty of our process is that no two photo shoots are identical. Everyone brings something new to the table when they step in front of our lens. This is what makes IU Media  Group special. Because of our busy schedule and effort that goes into every image, it’s a good thing we have a waiting list. It gives you time to prepare for your shoot date and bring your very best

Josh is available for private shoots, commercial projects in any city or country.


     Delivery of your PROOFS takes 24 hours, or if it falls on the weekend, it will be the following business day. From there, the client will receive an URL link your personal folder on our cloud drive. It is up to the client to provide us with the proper email that needs access permission granted on the folder. IU Media Group is not responsible for user error when accessing the drive. It is our ONLY method of delivery. We WILL NOT send images through email. It Is time intensive, and ours is best spent editing images.

     After selecting the correct amount of images in correlation to the package you have invested in, we will take your choice and give our signature touch to them. Our standard delivery time is 14 business days. On the rare occasion, you need your images ahead of schedule; we do offer a RUSH FEE that varies depending on your specific requirements and package. IU Media Group is not liable if you have to cancel your shoot for any reason. Sorry. When you book with us, you are carving out a permanent claim on our calendar. We have a waiting list and rescheduling you takes time away from other clients.

*$75 session fee due at time of booking*


    All packages DO NOT include commercial usage EVER. Commercial usage by you or someone associated with you of an image for any use outside of what we deem PERSONAL portfolio use is strictly and forcibly prohibited and enforced through our attorneys. ALL commercial usage quotes are on a case by case basis. Our pricing model is affordable and fair, why risk it?